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For most organizations, it takes a lot of internal resources to recruit personnel and retain them. Hiring manager's typically face three major challenges when they need to grow their team:

[1] It takes too long to recruit personnel

Issue: HR departments and hiring managers work very hard and are typically spread too thin. As a result, bringing in personnel often takes too much time, resulting in schedule slippage.

Solution: Technical Employment is focused on supplying personnel for a variety of positions. To maximize efficiency, we are very proficient and have streamlined:
* the resume sourcing of qualified candidates
* technically interviewing candidates for 30-60 minutes
* sending an interview summary report that includes recommended next steps for candidates that are a good fit
* hiring

[2] Personnel do not perform to expectations

Solution: Technical Employment initiates a 5-10 minute weekly wellness call with the resource's lead/manager. If there are performance concerns, we will contact the resource and discuss the issues so they can be resolved.

[3] Good personnel are difficult to retain

Solution: Technical Employment's personnel can be converted to direct employees at anytime. There are no penalties or buyout conditions.

Please contact us if you have any questions on how we can help supply you r team with good & retainable personnel.