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For most people, finding and starting a new job is stressful. Three major challanges typically are of concern when seeking a new position:

[1] knowing if the job will be the right one to take

Issue: The next position almost always has risks associated with it because most factors about it are unknown. One of those risks is accepting a position that you interviewed for, to later find out that the expectations were different than what you took away from your interview.

Solution: Technical Employment is focused on supplying personnel for a variety of positions. To maximize efficiency, we are very proficient and have streamlined:
* answering or getting answers to your questions about an open position
* conducting a 30-60 minute technical interview with you
* discussing with you whether your a fit for the open position

[2] knowing if the next job will end abruptly

Solution: Technical Employment will mitigate this risk by initiating a 5-10 minute weekly wellness call with your lead/manager. If your lead/manager has concerns regarding your position, we will contact you and discuss the issues so they can be resolved.

[3] obtaining good benefits

Solution: Technical Employment offers the following competitive benefits:
* W2 and Corp-to-Corp employment options
* Weekly pay
* Direct deposit
* Health insurance for W2 employees
* IRA with employer matching for W2 employees
* Per diem is available for W2 employees that meet the IRS guidelines

Please contact us if you have any questions on how we can help you attain your next position.